Entropy Grows

2020 /3 channel video installation, digital photography 14’ / 180+ pictures

Arnold Veber’s «Entropy grows» is a foreword to his next project which will deal with a personality
as a model of virtual assembly like the ship of Theseus: as over the years its wooden parts were being replaced by the new ones –
pretty like the information which are constantly replaced by the new ones in your head – by other people making it and giving it to you.

«Entropy grows» zine consists of a text and pictures. 3-channel video «Entropy grows» consists of a text and pictures. Is a foreword just a text?
In this particular foreword its visual part is not competing with the text because they both are in a state of a dynamic harmony.
Veber shows the process of dying of so-called fake human personalities.
But at the same time all of the human’s personalities are not fake – they’re all yours, they’re all real.
An anxiety about ‘everything is disconnected from the primary source’ could turn to a joy about ‘everything is the primary source’.
Veber talks about post-truth not as constant insinuations but as an existing operational model which operates by people who do something and who believe in text.
If you believe in text it could turn to anything. It could turn to a 3-channel video.
It could turn to a story, a dream, an abyss of fear and doubt, a rebirth and a foreword.
A foreword too, yes.

Genda Fluid

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