2023/ Chatgpt3, SD 2.0, midjourney v4, ad banners, white wall paint, black spray paint, mixed media

The author uses ready-made solutions - models, concepts, and images - to create a personal narrative and position. While none of the ideas are original, they are all appropriated and recontextualized through the use of neural network magic. This results in a grand remix of old ideas presented in new ways, updated with reagents, and served as a coping mechanism. It is an imitation of art, meaning, normality, and life that distracts and throws dust in our eyes.

The works presented are a series of advertising campaigns, some selling memes that soothe, some telling personal stories, and others communicating what is real. Whether it is truth or imitation, it is all a source of events and someone's future subjectivity. These two texts highlight the tension between originality and imitation in art and life, raising questions about authenticity and the role of technology in shaping our perceptions of reality. Ultimately, the fusion of these texts invites reflection on the relationship between creativity, appropriation, and the power of representation in a world where everything can be simulated.

text by chatGPT3