Eternal talk

2017 / 14’

Arnold Veber's video Eternal talk
was made especially for the #Godnormativity: Open Access Revelations exhibition, shown at Triumph Gallery in 2017.
While inventing a new term godnormativity, the authors simultaneously referred to the existing discourse about
gender normativity and equality / inequality in the modern world, but also declared that the discourse was rather outdated.
“At a time when we are on the verge of digital immortality and see practical evidence of the omnipotent human mind,
who cares about talking about gender and sexual orientation?” Wrote curator Andrei Parshikov.

In the video Eternal talk (eternal conversation), we see two gender-neutral persons who are in a state of communication,
but whether this communication is actually verbal, we do not know, since the author chose whale singing as a soundtrack - almost alien sounds,
reminiscent of ambient music produced by the largest mammals on Earth.

The singing of whales seems to take us back from the threshold of digital immortality to the very origins, while being the best soundtrack
for a futuristic dialogue about the present. The ocean was from the very beginning and will accompany human civilization until its very end. 
But if a person is on the verge of digital immortality, then this path turned out to be traversed thanks to the development of communication
through which cognition took place. The ocean, like discourse, is constantly transforming, but on the whole it is an absorbing constant
of earthly life: that without which it is impossible to imagine life, and at the same time that it is mortally dangerous both in the
global sense and in many special cases.

text by Genda Fluid