#Godnormativity. Open Access Revelations

2017 / Installation / digital photography / objects /mixed media / video
collaborative project with Antonina Baever

The joint project by Antonina Baever and Arnold Veber #Godnormativity. Open Access Revelations releases in genre of epos or parable. Creating a new term of godnormativity, they refer to the present discourse on gender, equality/inequality in the modern world and, at the same time, admit that the discourse is got pretty old. But is it happening nowadays in the times, when we are about to get to digital immortality and when we see the practical proofs of almighty human mind which is concerned about the talks on gender and sexual orientation?

#Godnormativity insists that soon we will face the following details of the temple and philosophy of those who is "only available in the internet": inner cosmos of the electronic music fans, video of elite communication of enlightened, attributes of new accessible holiness, abstract forms of expression of incorporeal post digital future.. The revelations that the artists managed to findin the process of their professional formation are in the open access for the viewers, as they collected some of them being totally sure that they are not only hidden, but also can be gifted. The greatest childhood myths will be revealed: no clothes inside out, no whistling in the room, no TV watching from a short distance. Butthat it is hard to be a god anyway, isn’t it?.