You can chew this bubble gum forever

2021 / total installation

A residential apartment itself (in this case, the Private property Kunsthalle) is already a total installation.
It is not only the objects that fill the room, but also the walls, and the floor, and the window, and the view from the window. / found out? agree? /
Scrolling memes lying in bed is a ritual that many of us send when we wake up or have not yet fallen asleep.

Arnold Veber invites the viewer into a recursive space: into a total installation within a total installation (inside a total installation within a total installation {...}).
He suggests reflecting on the fact that memes are not only what we scroll, but also what we eat, what we drink, what we chew (and perhaps want to chew forever), what we step on, and what comes on us.
We think we are looking out a window and see randomness there - but what is this window through which we are looking? Is it a pop-up window in a browser or an open window in an apartment in a five-story building?

It has long been clear that the binary system malfunctions, this system does not suit the author of the project either. Perhaps the most interesting question that Weber asks, and which was probably asked by many who watched the Matrix back in 1999: what if I don't want to choose between a blue and a red pill?
Give me both, [and the third], and a little more.

From center in any direction:
pic1; Now I am flowing into the subjective at the moment of cognition from the abyss of all possible, wanting to be in objectively
pic2; The package of teleology is barely noticeable without calling for comprehension is easy to install, not all infections are so bad, the work of the old union, cannot be without each other